Ethel Cain

Ethel Cain

Ethel Cain became a breakout start of 2022 with the release of her debut record titled Preacher's Daughter.


In early 2022, Ethel Cain began the campaign for her debut album Preacher’s Daughter. She had never had UK PR representation before and the campaign was launched in the UK from a standing start.

Inside Out Agency were the only UK-based team, which allowed us to select opportunities across print, online and radio. We wanted to ensure the record became one of the most critically acclaimed of the year and that Ethel Cain would become a new fashion icon and a voice of a generation by the end of 2022.

Every piece of press was intended to provide tangible moments that gained new fans and excite current ones, allowing them to be shared online to build a word of mouth hit that united both critics and members of the public.


We planned our campaign carefully, aiming for an organic build-up of press looks pre-album release and then more concentrated feature pitching post album release, whilst we helped develop Ethel’s fashion credentials.

We knew our big features had to coincide with winter touring activity, aiming to secure coverage from key music titles, broadsheets and style titles as the year ended, ensuring Ethel’s time in the UK felt like a moment.

Early pitches around first album single “Gibson Girl” went to high-level, tastemaker targets such as CRACK, Dazed and The Face from the start – all became fans instantly and primed to go deeper when the time was right. As we hit album release we moved into broadsheet journalism, achieving a Guardian review for a debut album, iPaper feature, whilst also still introducing Ethel to other targets.

All of this combined to create a campaign that felt unforced but perfectly-tuned at the right times, meaning that by the end of 2022 it was hard to escape the presence of Ethel Cain in fashion, music and broadsheet titles.


Crack Magazine Cover

The Face Features (10 Pages in Print and Online)

i-D Feature

The Guardian 5* Live Review


CRACK, 9/10
Clash, 9/10
DIY, 5*
Line of Best Fit, 9/10
Gigwise, 9/10


The implementation of the above strategies proved to be hugely critical in the release of Preacher’s Daughter, leaving space for multiple waves of impact post-album release and around the UK tour. The UK aspect of the campaign was fully solely driven by our efforts and led to the making of a modern fashion icon, critically-acclaimed artist and redefined the notion of the “it girl” (The Face). This campaign put Ethel Cain firmly on the map in music, fashion and wider culture, cementing her position as a modern day icon.

Album of 2022 by Crack Magazine
Album of 2022 by Line of Best Fit
Album of 2022 by Dazed
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